The story of Muotomyrsky

Who am I?

The story of MuotoMyrsky began in 2012 as I wondered how I could be involved in various projects or how I could contribute to vicious problems and support different companies and organizations in creating a sustainable and better world for future generations.

I have worked in various large organizations and got a selection of tools for different ways of working both from abroad and from different organizations. Entrepreneurship is being able to do things on your own terms and in your own words.

That’s why my motto is that I do things with a Can-Do attitude, it is always possible to find new and different solutions. Sometimes things seem difficult or awkward, so it would be easier to leave things alone. Also, Can-Do doesn’t always happen quickly but some things take a long time and need changes in the wheel of society.

I want the solutions to be whether they are services or products made so that resources are used wisely, from materials to time. Sustainable solutions are such that they help reduce over-consumption while maintaining social well-being.

MuotoMyrsky Oy, founded in August 2016, wants to create enthusiasm for joint planning and experimental culture. MuotoMyrsky helps to create and develop company or community services that are user- and customer-oriented, sustainable and resource-efficient through service design.

I am Johanna Liipola, a generalist with a peter pan attitude, who uses systems thinking in the conception of services.

I empathize with different customers needs and it helps me to search new bold paths for customers as well as a pioneering attitude. I have had the privilege of working for twenty years in international companies and therefore have extensive experience in product development, purchasing and design.

I work with a Can-Do attitude, resource efficient and sustainable, and definitely with a big heart.


Service Designer | Service Design and Leadership MA, 2018 | Turku University of Applied Sciences

Designer Product Design BA 2016 | Turku University of Applied Sciences

Engineer Typography 1995 Espoo 

Vantaa Vocational School 


In addition, I have done studies in production economics, purchasing, contract law and education science here and there.